Dear Jimmy and Ligia
Very many thanks for the 2CDs plus the 2 complimentary demo CDs. Very nice renderings. Ligia, your voice and expressions standout and certainly, Jimmy's confidence and excellent accompanying chords and rhythm arrangements, make a very satisfactory and pleasing presentation to the listener.
Keep it up and God bless.
Jerry and Eva Lewis
Hi Jimmy and Ligia,
I have listened to the music. It's wonderful and very Kenyan. Congratulations and well done. It's hard to believe that this wonderful music is only played by the two of you. Thank you for keeping our Kenyan music alive in Canada.
Best wishes and God's blessing
Peter Kenneth – MP, Government of Kenya
Oct 2013
Hi Jimmy and Ligia, To me the word thank you might not be enough! Still I have to say so for the wonderful work and talent you both have. I have always wanted to meet both of you in person and indeed this was a plan that at one point we could meet. Yes, it was just at the very political event hosted by the Kenyan Community in Ontario for a one-on-one dialog with Hon. Peter Kenneth, an aspiring presidential candidate in the forth coming Kenyan general elections (2013).
Little did I know we could meet in such an event but, glory be to God, I had that chance. Though you both never performed, it was the joyous moment when Ligia in her smiling capacity opened up her purse and drew a CD and handed over to me. Little did I know what she was up to but, I guess the joy was on my side that I am now listening to the CD live. The tracks on the CD reminds me of the good old days and our lively Swahili music. I have been playing the CD over and over and to be honest, I feel very homesick. You make me proud and thrilled of my Kenyan origin and national language. You are true champions and may our loving King of Glory keep on giving you more days to entertain us through such beautiful music. I hope that one day I will be able to listen to your live concerts. You are a wonderful couple. Keep up the good work.
John Vorster-JAKISUMU, Oakville, ON
Jambo jambo Jimmy and Ligia! I’m in Kenya now but going back home tomorrow. Me and many people here enjoyed your songs here and they loved it! They tell me some are very old and they were so much surprised this “mzungu” could sing all of them. It was so funny! Kwaheri na badaye.
Anneke Horst
Your #1 fan from Amsterdam
Hi Jimmy:
Hope things are well with you and Ligia. Rose Marie and I have listened to your CD a number of times - the music is soooooothing. We listened to it without reading the script and it is “comfort food”. Keep up your talent.
Jimmy-you and Ligia do such a job at your musical entertainment I really have a hard time making the transition for you from a school bus driver to professional entertainer. It surely is professional. I wish both of you the best in the future and hope all your Holiday Gigs are going well.
Until our paths cross again, God bless all of you.
Yours in Friendship,
Ken Young, Ottawa, ON
Dec 2013
Hope all is well. I downloaded your CD from the iTunes and was listening to it last night and man, was it good! I got goose bumps. You and your hubby have a fantastic voice. Diana did not believe it was you. For the first time she paid attention to an African song in full. Have a great day!!
Espy DSilva, Mississauga, ON
Hi Jim and Ligia,
I hope you are both well. Thought I would share the following with you. When my daughter In law was pregnant, Mike would play your songs and they would fall asleep listening to your music. Now they play your songs in the car and my grandson who is two and half dances to the music and sings. We all love your CD. Many thanks.
Theresa Andrady, Brampton, ON
Dear Jimmy and Ligia,
Greetings from Nova Scotia. Hu jambo na habari gani...... Nyimbo zako tamu sana....mzuri kabisa !!!! I just have to tell you that every time we travel a great distance visiting friends and family in NS or Ontario, we always take along your wonderful Kenya Nchi Yetu CD which was given to us by a friend a couple of years ago. Mike and I simply love it as it brings back wonderful memories of Kenya and Tanzania. We left Kenya in 1968 and so many of your songs are quite nostalgic in flavour. Your CD is a beautiful combination of artistry and musical prowess....we love it. Have you made any more CD's. Keep up your talents .
All the best in your musical journey.
Yvette de Souza-Muise, Nova Scotia
Sept 2013
The music on the CD is full of melody and your voices are like cream and sugar!
Sucharita Maitra, Mississauga, ON
We are blessed to have you both, the Artists, come home and deliver the CDs and share your experiences with us. This was truly an amazing time you spent with us. The depth of your work in producing the CD is immeasurable!!!
Antonio Cunha, Mississauga, ON
Well done Ligia. I also listened to another solo on #8 and liked it too. You and Jimmy work very well together and certainly compliment each other as well. The overall atmosphere of the songs you selected (as I hear them) is very upbeat and cheerful! I'm honored that you shared your special music with me. Thank you! PS. The gal was right about listening in the car! My tootsies were tapping all the way to work.
Ginny Martin, St. Louis, MO
Dear Jimmy and Ligia
Just to say thank you very much for the CD - I love it and it just brought back memories of yesteryear!!!! Thank you very much - I have now listened to the whole CD and you two are stars!!!"
Sandra Crewe, England
I have to say congratulations on such a fine CD. We listened to it in the car on the way home. You have done a great job, and just knowing you both, makes it so much more special. Please could we have two more of the CD to give away as gifts at Christmas time. Thanks. All the best and keep up your good work.
Alba Ferrao, Etobicoke, ON
Just wanted to let you know that Gail and I listened to the CD and thought it was wonderful. The rhythms were great and the harmony was amazing.
Gerard Vaz, Thornhill, ON

Hi Ligia /Jimmy,

Jimmy ,thanks for the recent contact and your dropping off the CD. Very much appreciated.  I have been listening to the CD as I exercise   –  have to admit it revived a lot of memories. 

Ligia, your mastery over that keyboard and the vocals  were beautiful. Jimmy you’ve captured the African guitar twang and brought out the  spirit and rhythm of those pieces . 

Thank you for allowing us this experience.  




 Seraph and Carmen

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